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We’re repairing iPhone7 Screen!! iPhone修理 中洲なら中洲川端駅近のスマホスピタル中洲店にお任せ!

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For foreign customers

We’re repairing iPhone7 Screen!!

[2017.02.05] スマホスピタル中洲店

カテゴリー:For foreign customers

Hi there,

We are Smahospital Tenjin Nishi-Dori, repairing iPhone immediately in Fukuoka.

Today’s Repair News is iPhone7 Screen Replacement.

It’s been a couple of months since iPhone7 was released and there are many people who drooped and broke it.

It was difficult to repair clacked iPhone7 at the beginning because we couldn’t get its parts in stock. But now we have it in stock, we can repair your iPhone7’s clacked screen!!

The customer today said that he bought iPhone7 just after its launch and he’d been using it carefully but finally dropped and broke it the other day.

And because he didn’t resister the Apple Care, he visited us to repair cheaper.

This is the iPhone7!!



The screen gets cracks from the bottom-left to the top.

Let’s get started to repair!!

This is inside of iPhone7.


The structure of iPhone7 is different from another model of iPhone, so if you go to the repair shop that is not used to repair yet, you would be trouble. Be careful!!

At our shop, our experts repair your device very carefully. So don’t worry.

in 30 to 40 minutes…


We’ve done with the work:)

It’s been beautiful now compared to clacked iPhone7.

There are some store that hasn’t been used to repair iPhone7 or doesn’t have its pats in stock, it’s been a couple of months since iphone7 launched though.

So let us repair your iPhone. We are expert of iPhone repair shop, Smahospital Tenjin Nishi-Dori.

We can also repair iPad, Nexus5, Xperia, 3DS other than iPhone, so when you have in trouble with such devices, come and visit us Smahospital Tenjin Nishi-Dori.

We are waiting for you:)


Smahospital Tenjin Nishi-Dori
Office hour: 10am~9pm
2-3-20 2F Tenjin-Tanaka Bld., Tenjin, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 810-0001, Japan

Tel: 092-282-3933

Mail: info@iphonerepair-nishidori.com


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